February marks the 10th anniversary of the Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity hosted by Butler University’s Irwin Library. This event, which encourages participation from all Butler faculty and staff, functions as a showcase for scholarly and creative accomplishments completed within the past year.

Butler faculty and staff submitted a combined 330 entries this year – the highest number since the tradition began. Submissions include scholarly articles, contributions in academic books, research, musical scores, and even works of art.

“It’s an atmosphere that is very collegial,” said Scott Pfitzinger, Irwin Library information commons and technology librarian and event coordinator. “I think it’s a great way to bring the faculty together as one unit and not as a bunch of different groups on campus.”

The month-long celebration begins with an opening ceremony hosted in the library in the beginning of February. A faculty member is asked to address the crowd about his or her current scholarly project. This year’s speaker was Kristin Swenson, assistant professor of communication, who has been studying advertisements for lifestyle medications such as those for adults and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD).

Following the ceremony, submissions are displayed in the library for the remainder of the month.

To commemorate this year’s special anniversary, Pfitzinger worked with Butler’s Marketing Department to develop a 10-year retrospective bibliography. It highlights all scholarly entries since the first event in 2002 and serves as a guide for observers walking through the exhibit.

Dean of Libraries Lewis Miller spearheaded the initiation of the first Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity. Initially the occasion started as a way for faculty achievements to be showcased within the Butler community, however, since then, it has grown into a tradition that Butler faculty, staff and students value.

“The Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity is my favorite event of the school year,” said Linda Willem, professor of Spanish. “It is the place where Butler colleagues — both past and present and from all of the colleges — can join together to make a collective toast to the life of the mind.”

Miller also enjoys witnessing conversations that take place among colleagues from different backgrounds. “To me a library is more fully a library when it is home to scholars. And this is one of the ways that we are able to support scholars.”

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