Gail EskewTitle, department and job responsibilities: I’m the academic program coordinator for the Department of Pharmacy Practice. I work primarily with fifth- and sixth-year pharmacy students, helping to schedule their rotations, overseeing their final year of advanced practical experience, and helping with their graduation and licensure requirements. I also help develop new rotation sites and preceptors.

Years at Butler: I started at Butler in 2003.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: I really enjoy developing relationships with our students and the 700-plus pharmacy practitioners across the country who precept our students. My interactions with these professionals can help create a positive impression of Butler University.

Projects/research you’re currently involved with: We are currently transitioning to a new web-based database for scheduling and tracking rotations. This will be used by both students and preceptors, and will improve the scheduling and tracking of rotations for both groups.

What current intellectual or creative question are you thinking about these days: I am always concerned with ways to make the rotation experience better for students and preceptors. My goal with students is a successful sixth-year of varied experiences with an anticipated goal of a 100-percent pass rate with boards of pharmacy after graduation. Preceptor satisfaction is always a concern, too, as the success of our program depends on the involvement with a large number and variety of adjunct faculty.

What do you enjoy most about teaching: When I watch the graduating students walk across the stage at the hooding ceremony, I take pride in the fact that I was part of their journey to becoming licensed pharmacists and proud alumni.

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