Gary ButkusClass year and major: 1988, Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy

Current position and responsibilities:I’m the director of Corporate Ethics and Compliance at Eli Lilly and Company. Currently, I am responsible for leading compliance efforts supporting two major business functions of the company, those being Corporate Affairs and Corporate Strategy/Business Development. However, during my career at Lilly, I have held various positions in both the medical and sales and marketing areas.

Major project/achievement of the past year:Having transitioned into this role recently, simply being able to help identify and mitigate risks associated with various activities in these two areas was a major achievement.

Why did you choose pharmacy as your career:A degree in pharmacy opens the door to a multitude of career options – and at the time of choosing pharmacy I was not certain yet which path I would follow. With friends in traditional retail settings and more clinical hospital settings, classmates who have gone on to medical or law school, and even people who have left the field all together, I feel that we pharmacists are lucky to have so many choices! A pharmacy degree from Butler, with the emphasis on a liberal arts education in addition to the professional training, is a unique and valuable asset.

How did Butler prepare you for your career:Butler offered me ample opportunities for learning and leadership, both of which have served me well in my career. Being a smaller school, campus involvement options were abundant, and the rigor of a pharmacy education was strong. I believe both have helped form the person I am today.

Most memorable experience(s) at Butler:My most memorable Butler experiences have actually been post-graduation. As an active alumnus, I have served both on the Alumni Association Board of Directors as well as the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Board of Visitors. These groups have allowed me to play a greater role in the ongoing oversight and future planning of the University and COPHS.

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