Kyle MurphyHometown: Peoria, Ill.

Class year and major: 2011, Marketing

Why did you choose Butler: Originally, I had identified Butler University as a potential place to further my dream of playing soccer in college. However, by the time I realized that playing Division I soccer was not in my future, I had already fallen in love with the University. The benefit of a smaller university in a large city was too much to pass down. Besides the obvious social advantages to being only minutes away from downtown Indianapolis, small class sizes contribute to educational advantages as well. The attention and experience that each and every student gains in the classroom is remarkable and proved to be a deciding factor for why I chose Butler.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: Through my required business curriculum at Butler, I was given an opportunity that many professionals would envy. In the Real Business Experience (RBE) class sophomore year, two classmates and I envisioned, developed and incorporated a full-functioning business. Through two semesters, I was involved in the marketing strategy, financial reporting, operations and distribution of real products to real people. With guidance from professional mentors, our business repaid a loan and posted a profit – which we were able to keep – in the first 5 months of operation. This type of experience not only looks good on a resume, but also allows for hands-on learning that business professionals around the country would have loved to have when they were in college.

In addition to RBE, my senior year retailing course enabled me to serve as a marketing strategy consultant for Finish Line. The recommendations we found based on our research were presented to upper-management at Finish Line headquarters at the end of the semester.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: Being involved is something that has truly enhanced my experience at Butler University. With involvement in over eight student organizations since freshman year, I have been able to identify my true passions and commitments. Now, as a senior, I serve as president of the Dawg Pound, the student section for Butler basketball and largest student organization on campus. I also am an active member of a social fraternity and a member of Scholars for the Advancement of Business Leaders – which hosts potential business students while they are still in high school. I have been lucky enough to get involved in multiple volunteer activities, such as Ambassadors of Change, Bulldogs in the Street and Fall Alternative Break, as well.

Another benefit to the College of Business (COB) is the connection with businesses and the requirement of two internships before graduation. With the help of the COB, I received internships at Caterpillar Inc., Butler Business Accelerator and Butler’s Athletic Department.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: The COB prides itself on the mantra “Real life. Real business.ä” One thing that I know from my internships and experiences at Butler is that I am very prepared for the real world of business. My Butler education has given me the necessary tools to succeed.

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