Assistant Pharmacy Professor, Entrepreneur, Law Student and Author Erin Albert has penned her sixth book, Single. Women. Entrepreneurs. The idea for the book, which is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and book publisher IBJ Media, came from a report issued by the Kauffman Foundation.

“The report included a table that looked at marital status by gender and who starts a business,” said Albert. “Interestingly the single, widowed and divorced categories each had more women than men as starting businesses. I wondered why this was so I interviewed 30 single women entrepreneurs from across the country to find out.”

Profiles of all 30 women can be found in the book, including those of Butler alumnae Katasha Butler ‘03 and Becky Ruby ’05.

Butler is the lead planner and founder of K Sherrie + Company Planning Atelier, a full-service wedding-planning boutique. She also operates the wedding blog, “The Wedding Workroom.” Ruby owns Lilly Lane Flowers.

In addition to finding out what the women do professionally, Albert asked: why they started their business and what they have learned from the experience; the advantages and disadvantages of being a single, woman entrepreneur; and their advice for the next generation of women like themselves.

Albert said four themes as to why single women may start more businesses than men surfaced:

1) Need.

2) Disconnect with corporate America. (Women want to design their own LIVES, not just their “work lives.” Women in the book perceived that men tend to compartmentalize different aspects of their lives more distinctly.)

3) Passion and desire to make the world a better place with their ideas and businesses.

What didn’t show up on the top of the list? Money. “Money was important to the woman ‘solopreneur,’ but not everything,” said Albert.

“For the first time in U.S. history, single, adult women outnumber married, adult women. Women are earning more, going to college and graduate schools more often, and finding ways to become more independent,” she said. “Entrepreneurship is one of the final frontiers for women to achieve equality, and, through these women and their stories, I hope other women become inspired to design their own happy endings — whatever they choose their happy endings to be.”

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