Chloe HamiltonClass year and major: 2011, Middle/Secondary Education

Hometown: Holt, Mich.

Why did you choose Butler: I chose to go to Butler because when I visited the campus, it felt like home. I am from a small town, and Butler has that small town atmosphere.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: My most memorable academic experience was when I switched majors, unsure if I wanted to teach or not. I took one class where I had to teach a small class of students, and that is when I had the “Aha” moment. At that moment, I could see myself teaching for the next 20 or so years. It was a great feeling to know that I would enjoy the teaching profession for the rest of my life.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: I am a member of the Butler women’s basketball team and an officer on the Physical Education Majors Club.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: To not just go to college to get an education but go to college to find yourself. Find out your own faults, change your appearance, find out other passions that were dormant for all those years in high school. Once you find yourself, then you not only graduate college but graduate into your “true self.”


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