Daniel J. AbbottTitle, department and job responsibilities: Assistant Professor of Special Education

Years at Butler: 2

Most memorable academic experience at Butler: Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Butler University in 1997.

Projects/research you’re currently involved with: I am conducting a research project that explores the cultural competence of Indiana’s special educators.

What current intellectual or creative question are you thinking about these days: What is the best way to assess, inspire, and assist educators as they endeavor to become more culturally competent?

What do you enjoy most about teaching: Being around undergraduates helps me remain knowledgeable about current trends and ideas. My presence is a testimony to the powerful influence teachers can have on a student. Particularly when one considers that I am an African American male, son of a single mother, raised in a high-crime and -poverty city, yet I have risen to the highest level of post-secondary education. The fact that I am able to stand in front of my students as their professor is an example of why teachers should encourage their kindergarten – 12th grade students to break down barriers.


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