Best Grad Schools LogoFor the first time ever, Butler University’s MBA program has been included in U.S. News and World Report’s 2012 list of Best Graduate Schools. The College placed 105 out of 166 schools.

“We’re honored to be among this list of 166 best part-time programs,” said Dean Chuck Williams. “This particular ranking is significant because it is voted on by our business school peers.”

Programs were ranked solely on a fall 2010 peer assessment survey that asked business school deans and MBA program directors at each of the nation’s 295 part-time MBA programs to rate other part-time programs on a 5-point scale, from marginal (1) to outstanding (5). Forty-one percent of those surveyed responded.

Also included in the ranking are average GMAT scores. Butler’s average score of 610 placed it as one of only 31 schools with an average score of 610 or above.

“Our program is attracting more high-quality candidates than ever before,” Williams said. “It speaks to the excellence of our curriculum.”

Components of the curriculum include:

· Gateway Experience. A one-day immersion experience with a local company.

· Capstone Experience. The final MBA course which allows students to apply what they learned throughout the program to a semester-long consulting project.

· Global Business Education. Through one-week long study trips and semester-long courses, such as Applied International Business, students learn about doing business with companies and consumers outside of the United States.

· Board Fellows. Through this year-long program, students are paired with a local non-profit to improve the functioning of its board.

· Leadership Development. Each MBA student is paired with an executive coach.

· Internship and consulting opportunities with Butler Business Accelerator, an in-house consulting firm for mid-market companies.

Butler’s undergraduate business program also was ranked by U.S. News and World Report, placing 135 out of 386 schools in the 2010 list of Best Business Schools. It remains the only Indianapolis business program to be nationally ranked for both its undergraduate and graduate program.

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