The Butler Collegian won seven first-place awards and 13 honors overall at the 52nd annual convention of the Indiana Collegiate Press Association held April 2 at Indiana University.

The Collegian, which competes against other non-daily newspapers at schools with more than 2,000 students, won for best single issue for Nov. 10, 2010, edition: “Who Will Be Next?” The judges praised the follow-up coverage to news about President Fong’s announced departure and said the edition was “jam-packed with news and features.”

They also earned a first place in breaking news for their election night coverage that sent reporters Jill McCarter (’13), Aja Cacan (’12) and Allyson Dobberteen (’13) to Republican and Democratic gatherings on Tuesday night to produce front-page coverage for the Wednesday edition.

The paper also received first-place awards in the following categories:

Front Page. “One Shot Short,” April 7, 2010.

News or Feature Series. “Presidential Search Saga,” by Jill McCarter (’13)

Staff Editorial. “Independence, Free Speech Necessary for Student Organizations,” by Emily Newell (’11).

Sports Photo. “One Shot Short,” Rachel Senn (’12).

Stand-Alone/Pull-Out Section. “Rediscover Indianapolis.”

The ICPA awarded the Collegian second place for Newspaper of the Year in its division. Other second-place awards were won in the categories of:

Front Page. “Big Gains for Republicans,” “Bye-Bye Bobby” Nov. 3, 2010.

In-Depth Story. “College of Miscommunication?” Arika Herron (’11).

Stand-Alone/Pull-Out Section. “Reaching New Heights.”

Sports Feature. “Clark Proves Hard Work Pays Off,” Colin Likas (’14).

The Collegian took two Mark of Excellence Awards from the Society for Professional Journalists at the Region 5 conference held on April 2 in Eastern Kentucky. The Collegian competes for Mark of Excellence awards in an open competition in a five-state region. The paper received a second-place award for editorial writing and a third-place award for sports column writing.

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