Like many members of the Class of 2011 embarking on graduation, senior International Studies and Philosophy major Quinn Clark wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after graduation. He decided to go to Internship and Career Services (ICS) and meet with career advisor, Jennifer McConnell.

After his semester abroad in Jaipur, India in the spring of 2010, Clark knew he wanted to explore international post-graduate options. He met with McConnell in October 2010 to further discuss Gap Year programs and resources. “She helped me establish a more concise plan of attack while still supplying me with opportunity options” Clark said.

McConnell recommended that Clark attend the Peace Corps Information Session in November. He attended the session and made some great connections that encouraged him to apply to the program. He was then invited to Chicago for an interview and McConnell suggested a mock interview as a helpful preparation tool.

A mock interview is a one-on-one session with an ICS Career Advisor that is recorded to allow you to view yourself while receiving feedback. It allows to you practice selling the best aspects of yourself in an interview setting. “The idea of watching yourself on camera and listening to your responses can seem a bit embarrassing at first, but everyone leaves their appointment feeling much more confident” said McConnell. “I recommend all students and majors take advantage of this extremely valuable service.”

At first Clark wasn’t sure that a mock interview was necessary; he thought “just be charming and friendly right?” It turned out that it wasn’t that easy. Clark said, “I was completely out of touch with reality and found the mock interview surprisingly helpful.”

He found the mock interview so surprisingly helpful that he attributes his interview success to McConnell’s help. Clark said, “I suspect that it was because my interview went so quite well that the Peace Corps got back to me right away, nominating me for a program in Latin America.”

Clark has been nominated to be an agricultural volunteer for small-scale poultry management or backyard animal production in Latin America. This assignment was his first choice and he is extremely happy to be offered such a wonderful opportunity in an extremely competitive program.

To schedule a mock interview with an ICS Career Advisor, please email or call 317.940.9383.


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