Butler University is spending nearly $2 million this summer to outfit most science labs in Gallahue Hall with high-tech ductless green hoods that pull in chemical odors, scrub the air and recycle clean air back into the classroom.

Gallahue LabThe ductless hoods, which hang over the workspaces like air vents in kitchens or sneeze guards over a food serving line but recycle the air rather than vent it out of the building, will result in cleaner air in the labs and significant energy cost savings, Chemistry Department Chair Stacy O’Reilly said.

The first installation was complete June 28, and all labs in the north end of Gallahue Hall will be ready by August. When the 27 hoods are installed, “We will be the largest installation of ductless green hoods in the United States,” O’Reilly said.

In any given year, 350-400 students use the labs for classes in chemistry, biology, pharmacy and various healthcare-related majors. Another 300 or so take organic chemistry.

“A lot of Butler students are going to benefit from this renovated space,” O’Reilly said.

The hoods are being installed by Air Master Systems Corporation, one of three American companies licensed to use the ductless technology, which was developed in France. Technicians from France visited Butler the week of June 20 to oversee the work.

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