Six Butler faculty members have received a grant from SENCER – Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities – to create three new courses designed to engage students and community partners in thoughtful learning experiences that explore the relationships between science, civic culture and our everyday lives.

The first, Life, Death and Immortality: Henrietta Lacks and the HeLa Revolution, will explore the biological, medical, ethical, socio-economic, racial and gender issues integral to the history of the HeLa cells, looking through the lens of basic principles in cell biology and genetics. Students will engage in hands on learning both through laboratory experiences as well as with a community outreach project. Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Jennifer Kowalski and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Angela Ockerman will develop the course. 

In Indy Power, students will study electricity production in Indianapolis, the health impacts of various sources and the economic and legislative issues surrounding energy production. Physics Professor Brian Murphy, English Professor Carol Reeves and Chemistry Instructor Paul Morgan will create this class.

Teaching Science and Social Studies/Middle Childhood, which involves partnerships with the Indianapolis Public Schools system and Indianapolis Children’s Museum, will guide students through classroom exploration regarding design, execution and assessment techniques for integrated science experiments. Assistant Professor of Education Catherine Pangan will develop this class.

The professors will share the $2,705 grant from SENCER and a matching grant from Butler’s Institute for Research & Scholarship.

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