Leadership lessons learned by Red SWAG, Rubber Bees, Blue Crew and seven other teams of teenagers on July 28 at Butler should now be getting a workout at the teens’ schools.

Leadership at EPPSPThe 147 middle and secondary students from Indiana and Kentucky explored Bulldog-tested strategies for becoming leaders at their schools at a one-day camp, called Leadership: The Butler Way.

Thirty-five graduate students in the College of Education’s Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals (EPPSP) Cohorts 29 and 30 helped organize the camp and served as group leaders. Cortnei Freeman and Steve Samuel served as overall committee coordinators. Ashley Aletto, Mary Beth Riley and Jonathan Guthrie headed planning, technology and logistics for the camp. 

Camp activities focused on the principles of The Butler Way — Passion, Unity, Servanthood, Humility and Thankfulness — as defined by keynote speaker, Butler Athletic Director Barry Collier. Former Butler basketball player Avery Jukes and senior Ronald Nored spoke during lunch, sharing the dais with Bulldog mascot, Butler Blue II.

Men’s basketball coach Brad Stevens addressed the campers via a video created by Aletto, Samuel and Guthrie. “Brad made leadership very attainable for students, by starting with the need to be yourself and expanding to examples of leadership in the Butler program,” said Samuel, who also helped coordinate the premier camp in 2010.

Samuel, an assistant principal at the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center in Indianapolis, said the principles of servanthood and unity go hand-in-hand for school administrators like himself and fellow EPPSP students.

“When you serve others, it unites people behind you,” he said. “A school’s staff and students see that you are committed to finding a way for them to succeed, that dedication is contagious and the cause of student achievement is elevated to the top.”

Photos and reviews of the camp can be seen on the Facebook page “Leadership: The Butler Way.”

Read here how sixth graders in Linden, Ind., used their Leadership: The Butler Way camp training.

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