Rachel WaranowiczClass year and major: 2012, Physical Education

Hometown: Novi, Mich.

Why did you choose Butler? It has a combined Physical Education and Health Education program, which is attainable in four years. This is so rare. Most schools require separate programs, which all together could take 6 years. Also, everyone from my high school was going to University of Michigan or Michigan State, and I wanted to explore my own path and get a different experience out of state.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: I travelled to the 2011 American Association for Health, Physical Edcuation, Recreation and Dance convention in San Diego. It was amazing and so much fun. I hope to go every year.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. In my second year as the Publicity Officer of the Physical Education Majors Club. I work as a lifeguard at the HRC. I love to swim, and attend as many football and basketball games as possible.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: Well, besides parallel parking (that’s a joke), to expect the unexpected. Life and school can throw you curve balls. Many times the two get intermingled, but when you try and keep a positive attitude and persevere, you’ll never believe all of the things you can accomplish. I can’t believe I am already a senior. I look back at all of the hard work I’ve gone through over the years and all I can think is, “I can’t believe I did all of that!” And now, I am looking forward to the bright future ahead, and I have my professors, friends and family to thank for that. It’s not the institution that makes Butler; it’s the people.

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