Stephenie ChaudoirClass year and major: 2003, Psychology

Current position and responsibilities: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Bradley University

Major project/achievement of the past year: I was awarded Bradley University’s “First Year Faculty Award” earlier this month. The First Year Faculty Award recognizes “faculty in their first year of teaching in a tenure track position as an assistant professor at Bradley University. The award seeks to recognize new faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching as measured by course innovations, instructional improvement, observational data from peer visits, and/or student evaluations.”

Why did you choose your career: As a student at Butler, the dedication and mentoring of my professors were the catalyst in my pursuit of a Ph.D. in psychology. They inspired me to be a lifelong learner and an agent of change. And now as a professor at Bradley, I try to instill my passion for psychology in my own student scholars so that they can fulfill their dreams. It truly is the academic version of the “circle of life.”

How did Butler prepare you for your career: The psychology department, Honors Program, and other LAS curriculum prepared me to be a scholar, and the co-curricular activities (e.g., Hampton House, Demia, Student Government Association) prepared me to be an active member of my community.

Most memorable experience at Butler: Living and learning for three years in the Hampton House for Servant Leadership. I had a chance to live with a group of people who were dedicated to improving themselves and their communities. Looking back, having an immersive living-learning experience like this was a truly life-changing element of my time at Butler. The Hampton House gave me a chance to cultivate my leadership skills, and I use these skills every day as an educator and citizen.

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