Stacey ScheidlerHometown: Greenwood, Ind.

Class year and major: 2012, Pharm. D. and Spanish minor

Why did you choose Butler: In high school, two of my favorite and strongest subjects were math and science. I knew that I wanted to obtain a job in the medical field, and I started to look into the pharmacy profession. Once I decided that I would major in pharmacy, the school search began. I narrowed the list down to two schools: Butler University (in state) and Ohio Northern (out of state). After college visits, I chose to attend Butler because it has a great college of pharmacy, it isn’t too close or too far from home, and the opportunities that Butler has to offer students were numerous. I knew that I would be able to have a great college experience at Butler, be involved on campus, and earn a great degree at the same time. With Butler I could not lose!

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: My most memorable academic experience at Butler was being named a Top 100 student both my junior and senior years. It is an honor to be nominated, but to be chosen as a Top 100 student both years was one of the highlights of my college career. The recognition, to me, proved that all of my involvement, hard work, and dedication made a difference and helped to make me a better individual in the process.

Activities involved in outside of the classroom:

Alpha Chi Omega: Being a member of a Greek house has been one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences I have had at Butler. I gained so many great and wonderful friends in the sorority, and I also was provided with many new ways to get more involved on campus and in the community. While Greek life isn’t for everyone, I do encourage every individual to give Greek life a chance.

Lambda Kappa Sigma: Upon starting classes the fall of my freshman year, I joined a pharmacy fraternity to learn more about the profession and to meet more individuals in the major. By being involved in this club, I have been able to do many things like volunteering in the community, being a mentor to younger pharmacy majors, and network with pharmacists to learn more about the different pharmacy paths available upon graduation.

Order of Omega: Order of Omega is an honor society that members of the Greek community are able to be involved in. While in Order of Omega, I helped to plan and coordinate service and fundraiser events which allowed our organization to give back to the community and raise money. Order of Omega provided another unique way of getting more involved on campus, and through this club, I was able to meet great individuals from other Greek houses on campus.

Mortar Board: Mortar Board is an honor society that senior students are involved with. I joined Mortar Board as a way to work with other senior students to coordinate events for the senior class. In addition to sponsoring events both on campus and off for the senior class, Mortar Board did fundraisers to provide books for children at local schools.

Speakers Lab: Speakers Lab allows me to help tutor other students and improve their public speaking abilities. I joined Speakers Lab because I was not a great public speaker when I first started college, and knew that I would need to improve my public speaking abilities for future presentations, projects, etc. I have found that in the process of bettering other student’s public speaking abilities, my personal public speaking abilities have improved.

The most important thing I have learned at Butler: The most important thing that I have learned at Butler is to be as involved with organizations as you are able to be, but also make sure to take time and enjoy everything that Butler has to offer. Butler provides a lot of great opportunities and activities for students, and if you don’t take advantage of everything there is to offer, you may miss out on great events.


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