Butler made it to the Final Fouragain. This time it was in the Clinical Pharmacy Challenge held at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh Oct. 15 – 17.

Representing Butler in this year’s competition was pharmacy class of 2012 students Katie Cich, Carly D’Agostino and Nicole Dores, advised by Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Kena Lanham.

The ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge is a team-based competition where teams of three students compete against teams from other colleges of pharmacy in a “quiz bowl”–type format. Each round consists of multiple choice trivia questions, clinical cases and Jeopardy style questions.

The competition began earlier this fall with 84 teams competing in online rounds. The top eight teams advanced to the live quarterfinal competition at the ACCP Annual Meeting. Butler’s team advanced all the way to the semifinals, where they were edged out by the University of Tennessee team.

D’Agostino said that one of the most challenging aspects of the competition was the preparation that went into it.

“I do have to say it was definitely a challenge not being in the same location as Nicole and Katie,” said D’Agostino. “I’m in Chicago on rotations and they were both Indy, so we worked together by having Skype dates in the evenings, going through study materials together and taking the tests.”

Cich said the questions, which were written by clinical pharmacists, were also challenging.

“While the questions were really hard, I was pleasantly surprised by how well we worked together as a team and were able to decide on an answer on the spot,” said Cich. “I think this reflects the pharmacy department’s emphasis on teamwork and communication.”

Outside of the competition, the Butler students had a chance to mingle with pharmacists from a variety of fields as well as other pharmacy students from different schools.

“I would say my favorite part of the experience was actually getting to attend the ACCP Meeting,” said Dores. “I never would’ve had the means to go if it wasn’t for the competition.”

COPHS Dean Mary Andritz was very pleased with the team’s performance.

“We’re so proud of our team for demonstrating the ‘Butler Way’ with their performance, professionalism and wonderful demeanor,” said Andritz. “They deserve a big congratulation for the countless hours of hard work and dedication they put in to the competition.”

Media Contact: Lexie Beach