Her Project Alianza Work Helps Raise ISTEP Scores

College of Education (COE) Assistant Professor Kathryn Brooks was honored as College Faculty International Educator of the Year, during the Midwest Conference on International Education on Feb. 25 in Indianapolis.

Kathryn BrooksThe award recognizes her work on Project Alianza, a five-year initiative aimed at training K-12 math, science and other content area teachers to work more effectively with students who are learning English as their second language and to improve their educational outcomes.

“Preliminary data analysis from the ISTEP test scores of schools participating in Project Alianza shows that the students who are second language learners are growing in their language and mathematics achievement at a much faster rate than Indiana second language learners as a whole group,” said Brooks (pictured with Dean Ena Shelley, left).

Brooks is one of four educators being recognized for professional achievements at the first-time conference, sponsored by Global Indiana and the Central Indiana Educational Service Center.

Brooks specializes in teaching students who are learning English as a second language, middle school/secondary language/literacy instruction, and educational reform.

In 2007, Brooks secured a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, for the development and implementation of the project. Since then, more than 250 teachers in four metropolitan Indianapolis school districts have completed Project Alianza’s one-year course of professional development, directed by Project Manager Susan Adams of COE.

Many Alianza participants now lead institution-wide changes in their schools’ instructional practices and cultures.

The grant has also supported Butler faculty in revising COE’s undergraduate curriculum, to integrate language diversity issues in all programs. With the revision, Butler can graduate an average 100 new teacher candidates per year, ready to address LEP students’ needs.

Learn more about Project Alianza in an article Brooks and Adams wrote for the 2001 COE Year in Review.

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