Looking for information about flora growing in Marion County? You’ll find it at www.butler.edu/herbarium, the new database on the recently revised website of Butler University’s Friesner Herbarium.

The database contains records for approximately 1,000 species, over 70 percent of which are Indiana native plants. There are sections containing photos and info for trees, wildflowers and prairie plants found on the Butler University campus, as well as general information helpful in tree identification and prairie ecology.

Herbarium ScreenshotAn extensive links section to other botanical resources, including the United States Department of Agriculture, is also available.

“This will help people appreciate some of the biodiversity and natural beauty that’s around at Marion County,” said Rebecca Dolan, director of the Friesner Herbarium.

Visitors to the herbarium site can search by plant names or by thumbnail photos and see what many plants look like as they’re growing.

The plants shown on the site come from 16 locations inventoried around Indianapolis by Marcia Moore, an assistant in the herbarium, Dolan and Butler student assistants. Moore said the site is likely to be used by schoolchildren, scouts, gardeners and others with an interest in the outdoors.

The goal is to expand the database beyond Marion County and make it statewide.

But for right now, “we want to get people out enjoying nature and appreciating our beautiful Marion County wildflowers,” Dolan said. “And the spring is one of the best times. Before the trees leaf out, that’s when you can see some great wildflowers.”

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