Beth St. Clair, an independent consultant who has worked extensively with the Butler Community Arts School, is the newest member of the Jordan College of the Arts’ Board of Visitors.

Beth St. Clair

St. Clair is the principal in ActUp, where she uses “applied improvisation”—the principles improvisational actors use onstage—to help businesses improve team communication, leadership and customer service.

Working with the Butler Community Arts School (BCAS), which provides free- and low-cost music education for Indianapolis children while giving Butler students the opportunity to learn to teach, she devised a plan to increase community awareness of BCAS and its programs.

“Now I can help them start to implement the plan as a member of the Board of Visitors,” she said. “The first place I’ll be focused on is the BCAS strategy to figure out how we can make that come to life. By that, I mean how we can implement it and how we can get some momentum so that they feel it’s moving forward. A lot of times strategies can collect dust on shelves. I’m passionate and interested in making sure that doesn’t happen.”

St. Clair moved to Indianapolis a year ago after marrying a man from the city. She grew up in southern California and graduated from University of California-San Diego. After college she moved to Washington, D.C., where she worked for about five years for an organization that gave small grants to community-level agencies fighting AIDS.

She decided she needed professional development, so she moved to Bloomington, Ind., and earned her MBA at Indiana University. Then she moved back to D.C. and worked for Deloitte as a management consultant for seven years.

“Beth is tremendously insightful, bringing great strategic visioning,” said Ronald Caltabiano, dean of the Jordan College of the Arts. “Her deep knowledge of the Butler Community Arts School will be invaluable.”


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