Sixth Man, which manufactures and distributes a combination drink holder/seat cushion for fans at sporting events, is the winner of the second annual Zotec Business Competition, a contest for sophomore Butler University business students involved in the Real Business Experience (RBE) practicum course.

Sixth Man’s combination drink holder/seat cushion.

State Road 5, a company created to write, produce and distribute self-written and -produced music, finished second.

Dawg Decals, which produces and distributes promotional decals for fraternities, sororities, and other organizations, was third out of eight teams consisting of 29 students total.

“Thanks to Zotec Partners, our students were challenged to work harder and run their businesses more efficiently,” Butler College of Business Dean Chuck Williams said. “This was an exciting opportunity for our students to learn about real life, real business, and to be exposed to one of the leaders in Indianapolis.”

In RBE, all sophomores develop a business plan, present the plan to a board of local bankers and entrepreneurs to apply for up to $5,000 of start-up capital, and then, if desired, start and run the business. Awards are given to the RBE businesses that capture the true entrepreneurial spirit of risk taking, innovation and success.

For winning first place, Sixth Man—created by students Jackson Aldridge and Bailey Roberts—will receive $9,000 that can be split between them or reinvested in the company. The company has applied for a patent for its product.

State Road 5, run solely by Matthew Jordan, will receive $5,000. Jordan created the company to perform, sell, and promote music he and his brother write. His business model is to perform, sell their music (CDs and digital), and promote their songs and lyrics with the expectation that another musician might purchase their music.

Dawg Decals, a partnership of Kate Carroll, Abby Bath, Adam Hilgenkamp, Brandon Upchurch, and Nick Phillips, will get $3,000. Dawg Decals started off by providing promo/advertising decals to students for their computers. As their business model progressed, they produced decals for fraternities/sororities/other organizations and identified an opportunity with commercial accounts/businesses looking to advertise. 

Through the Zotec Business Competition, RBE teams were evaluated based on the five P’s (passion, perspective, persistence, predictability, and people) and awarded to the teams that best executed their business strategies during the semester.

Zotec Partners, provider of specialized billing services to the hospital-based specialty market, is a Butler College of Business REAL Partner. Zotec created the Zotec Business Competition as part of the partnership. All Real Business Experience (RBE) teams enrolled in the MG 202 course were eligible to compete.

“The Zotec Business Competition was a way for our company to give back to Butler for providing such a solid educational foundation that has contributed to the success that we have realized to date,” Zotec Partners President and CEO T. Scott Law ’85 said. “My family and I have a long history with Butler, and I am excited to have this opportunity to help mentor and develop students as they take their great ideas and make them into real, viable businesses.”


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