As part of their “Integrated Capstone Experience” course, Butler University’s MBA students have been given the opportunity to use their expertise to work with EnerDel Inc., a Greenfield, Ind.-based lithium ion battery manufacturer, to expand its presence in national and international markets.

Roberto Curci

The objective is to partner with EnerDel’s management team to construct a three- to five-year market strategy for its product lines. Recommendations will be based upon data and conclusions drawn from a thorough “situation analysis” and supported with a five-year financial forecast illustrating the costs and benefits.

“In today’s globalized business environment, leaders need to develop an international business perspective and a global mindset,” Professor Roberto Curci said. “Through this experiential learning opportunity, the students will develop a first-round level of proficiency in the process of leading the analysis, planning, and implementation of global business development efforts for U.S.-based companies.”

The class begins with students learning about the industry, the company, and business strategy. Students then conduct a situational analysis to understand market opportunities and trends, which requires extensive data collection and interaction with EnerDel staff as well as Butler University faculty.

Using the information they collect, teams of students will develop possible strategies for EnerDel that will complement and refine EnerDel’s existing strategies. The project conclusion is a presentation to EnerDel followed by gathering feedback about how these strategies can be implemented—or, in some cases, why they cannot.

Butler’s partnership with EnerDel began with a common connection, Ron Gress. Gress, an executive in residence at the University, identified the opportunity to assist EnerDel, which produces batteries for electric vehicles, such as cars, buses, and delivery trucks, as well as electric grid systems used in windmill and solar energy storage.

“EnerDel has great potential for growth into new markets, so this is a very exciting time for us,” said Dave Roberts, EnerDel’s CEO. “Our partnership with the MBA student’s is a win/win since it is an opportunity for both parties to explore new ventures and for us to receive independent, valuable input relative to our current strategies.  We are certainly honored to be working with such a talented group of developing professionals.”


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