Department of Sociology and Criminology Professors Antonio Menendez Alarcón and Katherine Novak have published new books.

antoniomenendez11Menendez’s French and U.S. Approaches to Foreign Policy (published by Palgrave Pivot) presents the differing worldviews and concepts for establishing an international order. It argues that the differences between U.S. and French approaches to foreign policies and international affairs are historically entrenched in political cultures, and could transcend other elements such as economic interests, or the political inclinations of the individuals or parties who control their governments.

His findings are based on document analysis, and on the evaluations, perceptions and judgments of people involved in framing, making, and applying foreign policy in both countries as foreign affairs officials, lawmakers, or think tanks’ associates. The book has been endorsed by worldwide renowned scholars such as Godfrey Hodgson from Oxford University, Edward Tyriakian from Duke University, and Bertrand Badie from the Insttute des Sciences Politiques.

katherinenovak101Novak’s book, Individual and Society: Sociological Social Psychology (published by Routledge), written with Bradley University Professor Lizabeth Crawford, is a text for undergraduate sociological social psychology courses. The book is designed to give students an appreciably better understanding of the field of sociological social psychology; how and why social psychologists trained in sociology ask particular kinds of questions; the types of research they are involved in; and how their findings have been, or can be, applied to contemporary societal patterns and problems.

University of Alabama Professor Tiffiny Guidry said the Novak-Crawford text “easily surpasses any others I have used for undergraduate Social Psychology classes.”

Jay Howard, dean of Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said that faculty help us understand the world in which we live and enable us to make the world a better place.

“Antonio’s book is a great example of how LAS faculty help push the boundaries of what we know in their respective fields,” he said. “Kate’s book illustrates the commitment of LAS faculty to not only do a tremendous job of teaching our own students, but also by sharing our expertise through resources such as textbooks that enable faculty at other institutions around the world do a more effective job of promoting students’ learning.

“At Butler our commitment to both types of faculty scholarly engagement is a reflection of the value we place on learning and on scholarship.”


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