Campus Lingo

Rather than leave you thinking “Huh?” and scratching your head, read up on the lingo you likely will hear while on campus.

A-Town/AU – The good old Atherton Union. Whether it’s coming to get your coffee fix from Starbucks or grabbing a late dinner from C-Club, everyone has a reason to come to Atherton.

AOC – Ambassadors of Change, a servant-leadership program for incoming students. Ask around and see who has participated.

APO – Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity on Butler’s campus.

ASB – Alternative Spring Break. Forget Mexico; ASB is great way to help people in places around the country over Spring Break.

BCR – The Butler Cultural Requirement is part of your core graduation requirements. All Butler students, beginning with students entering in fall 2010, must attend eight or more events on campus that have been designated as fulfilling the Butler Cultural Requirement (this number is adjusted for transfer students). Visit for more information. Remember: “eight before you graduate.”

Bell Tower/Carillon – Hear that pretty music and can’t tell where it’s coming from? If it’s not your next-door neighbor, it’s probably the Carillon located on the reflecting pond by the gardens.

BITS – Bulldogs Into The Streets, a volunteer day spent around Indianapolis during Welcome Week.

Black Box – Butler has two Black Box theatres. Both are located in Lilly Hall. Go see a Butler Theatre performance there.

The Blue House – Houses the Center for Faith and Vocation, as well as many of the religious organizations on campus.

Blue II – This is the cute and cuddly live mascot for Butler. See him wandering around campus. Legend has it that if he licks your face, you’ll get straight As.

BR/the Ripple/B-rip – Not to be confused with Banana Republic, Broad Ripple is a chic hang-out of trendy shops and restaurants just three miles from campus.

BSU – Black Student Union — watch out for the talent and fashion shows.

The Bubble – Short for the tennis bubble, it is located just north of campus and directly beside the Butler Bowl.

The Bulldog – While most are cute and cuddly, this one isn’t. Located on the south side of Atherton, just outside of the Reilly Room, this stone statue is a great place to meet. Just say the magic words, “meet me at the bulldog.”

BUBB – The Butler University Basketball Band, which is kind of like a 60s horn band, a Motown soul group and a 90s SKA group all combined to cheer on the Bulldogs. They use guitars and bass players too. Call the University band office in Atherton Union, ext. 9876, if you are interested in playing.

BUPD – Butler University Police Department. Their officers patrol the campus 24/7 to keep you and your teddy bear safe.

BUSF – Butler University Student Foundation, an organization to connect students of the past, present and future.

Butler Bowl – The football field and all that is in it, located between Hinkle and the Apartment Village.

Butler-Tarkington – You live here. This is the name of the neighborhood in which Butler sits.

Campus Golf – It’s an informal Butler tradition involving golf clubs and tennis balls.

The Canal – Runs right behind campus and next to the gardens. Not recommended for swimming.

C-Comm – The College of Communication.

CMFK – College Mentors for Kids, a mentoring organization for grade school children.

COPHS – Pronounced ‘Coughs’ — this is short for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

CPA – Have a concern? Tell the Council on Presidential Affairs. This is another branch of SGA that acts as a liaison between faculty and students.

DC – The Efroymson Diversity Center in the basement of Atherton Union in Room 004. This office houses all of the diversity organizations as well as the Office of Diversity Programs and International Student Services.

Ducky – Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall, located in Robertson Hall. Seats about 150 and is a great place to see performers show their stuff.

FAB – Fall Alternative Break, the shorter, fall version of ASB that includes trips in the Midwest to help people in need.

The Gardens – Holcomb Gardens, a great place on campus to read a book, relax or throw a Frisbee for a while.

Hink – Butler’s costumed mascot. He loves to pop up at events. Make sure to give him a high five and take a picture with him.

Home Plate – Located on the north end of the mall. It is a small plaque where Butler baseball’s home plate used to be. Home plate for what, you ask? The land that Butler was built on was a park. Home plate is where the baseball diamond’s home plate was originally located.

HRC/Hurc – The awesome Health and Recreation Complex. Get your workout on or just lounge around and play some X-Box 360.

IM Fields – Intramural Fields. Gaze up in the sky and look for a tall television antenna. Now head that way. The fields are right by that.

ICR – To help prepare students to not simply make a living but to make a life of purpose, the Indianapolis Community Requirement is a part of the core graduation requirements. All Butler students must take one course in any part of the University that involves active engagement with the Indianapolis community. The ICR may be fulfilled through designated core classes, major courses or electives.

Irwin – Name of the Butler library building on campus. A Butler library also includes the Ruth Lilly Science Library on the second floor of the Holcomb Building.

Johnson Board Room – Large meeting space located in Robertson Hall.

LRC – The Learning Resource Center, where they can help you with any educational questions you have.

The Mall – It’s that grassy area between Atherton and ResCo. Two words — campus golf.

The Monon – It used to be a railroad track that went from downtown to Carmel. Now it’s a trail that people walk, ride or rollerblade on. Catch the Monon in Broad Ripple.

Norris Plaza – A little plaza with a bench, a map of campus and a fountain, located where the mall and the flag poles intersect.

OOTDH – Out of the Dawg House, the men’s a cappella group on campus.

PAWS – Peers Advocating Wellness for Students, a group of Butler students who create programs about how to live a healthful life.

PB – Program Board, a section of SGA that plans and promotes programming on Butler’s campus. With 10 different committees, there’s something for everyone.

PuLSE – Programs for Leadership and Service Education is an office, located inside the Reilly Room (AU101), that can help you with any involvement or volunteerism question that you could ever have.

The Quad – The term used for the four academic buildings — Jordan, Gallahue, Holcomb and the Pharmacy Building — connected by the skywalks. No need for an umbrella, just stay inside.

REACH – This is SGA’s diversity branch. Respecting, embracing and achieving community harmony provides quality and eye-opening events to promote awareness of diversity issues.

The Reilly Room – A giant room in Atherton Union, bands, magicians, speakers, free food — you name it, the Reilly Room does it.

ResCo/The ‘Sco – Livin’ in suite-style. Originally built as Residential College (apparently that was too hard to say).

Ripple Bagel – Broad Ripple Bagel and Deli, a great restaurant right on Broad Ripple Ave. serving delicious bagels and tasty desserts.

Senior Clock – There are actually two. One is right next to Atherton; the other is on the way to the HRC. You can never be late for class thanks to the seniors of the past.

SGA – Student Government Association, the governing body of all students and student organizations. It’s kind of a big deal.

Star Fountain – The star-shaped fountain smack-dab in the middle of the mall. Another great meeting place on campus (or just a place to splash your friends when you’re walking back to your room).

Trip – Also known as Butler Blue III. Trip is Blue II’s current understudy and is training to take over as the next live mascot.

UT – University Terrace, on-campus apartments that are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

VC – The Volunteer Center, located in Atherton Union, Room 100, this office is your resource for service opportunities in the Indianapolis community. The VC organizes BITS, bi-monthly service projects and other opportunities to give back.

Victim Advocate – A Butler staff member who is available 24/7 to provide emergency support for victims of sexual assault, a Victim Advocate can be reached by calling 317-910-5572.

The Village – The apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors located adjacent to Hinkle Fieldhouse.

VOD – Voices of Deliverance gospel choir.

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