Filming on Campus

The Public Relations Department coordinates all requests for filming and photography on the Butler University campus. Requests should be directed to Courtney Tuell, director of public relations, at (317) 940-9807 or

The following guidelines will be used to determine if the film/photography request will be approved:

  • The University’s name, logo, and buildings may not be used unless otherwise instructed by the director of public relations.
  • A $500 rental fee is required for the use of most spaces. Fees for providing campus services (security, maintenance, etc.) will be listed separately.
  • A copy of the final script must be submitted to the director of public relations for approval.
  • Liability insurance is required naming Butler as an additional insured.
  • Once the approval is given, a rental agreement must be signed by both Butler and the film/photography company and insurance must be on file at least 72 hours prior to the shoot.
  • Clients must carry a copy of their contract showing the date and time of filming while on campus in case they’re questioned by University Police or someone else.