PNC executive Jeff Kucer commended Butler’s work to encourage early childhood education during a radio interview during the Jan. 29 Bulldog men’s basketball. Kucer, who is a senior vice president and director of client and community relations for PNC, mentioned College of Education Dean Ena Shelley and basketball Coach Brad Stevens’ involvement with PNC’s Grow Up Great Initiative, a10-year, $100 million effort to improve school readiness. Under the program, PNC provides programming grants to early education programs throughout the state and supports its employees in volunteer service to those programs. [Read more about Grow Up Great.]In September, Kucer and Shelley, along with COE alumni Connie Sherman, Lynne’ McGuire and Ron Smith, testified before an Indiana Senate Committee on the need for state funding of early childhood education. In the recent radio interview, Kucer said such funding is “critical “for Indiana to produce “stronger, smarter, healthier kids” ready to succeed in later education

“Jeff and others at PNC really understand and have gotten behind the cause of education in Indiana,” said Shelley. “PNC has already established a scholarship fund that will allow future graduates of Shortridge Magnet High School to attend Butler, and now they are taking a further step with their Grow Up Great Initiative. They are outstanding corporate partners in promoting a solid educational future for this city and state’s children.”

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