Bethany YonkerClass year and major: 2009, Marketing

Current position and responsibilities: I just completed a gap-year experience teaching English in Taiwan. I worked for Hess Educational Organization, which is the largest English school in the country. I taught children of all ages a variety of curricula, as well as special interest classes where I was responsible for developing the curricula.

Major project/achievement of the past year: I was selected to be part of a team of four teachers who organized a group of more than 90 Taiwanese children, ranging in age from 6- to 12-years-old, on a trip to Singapore for an intensive English camp. It was a very busy week, with English classes in the mornings and cultural activities in the afternoon— including sight seeing activities to Little India, zoos, museums and a challenging ropes course. The week pushed me in every way imaginable, but the English abilities of the children improved tremendously.

Why did you choose marketing as your career path: Originally, I was interested in advertising, but chose marketing my freshman year because of the core College of Business (COB) curriculum that helps students understand how all aspects of a business work. Not only did I fall in love with the topics discussed in my higher- level marketing classes; I also realized that marketing can be applied to everything from a product line to a job interview. I even was able to apply aspects of marketing to teaching in the classroom, molding the information to the level and age of the children so that it was more attractive.

How did Butler prepare you for your career: Butler, especially the COB, is full of very personable people. They have realrelationships with each student, which motivated and taught me how to develop relationships in the real business world. Each professor has had personal experiences that carry over into the classroom, and they give students opportunities to develop in real-world situations. Overall, I can’t say enough about the professors, as well as the internships that build your résumé before you graduate. The business world is getting competitive, and we started preparing freshman year for graduation.

Most memorable experience(s) at Butler: I have two: my study-abroad semester in Auckland, New Zealand and being active in SABL (Scholars for the Advancement of Business Leaders). Studying abroad my senior year allowed me to take higher-level business courses abroad, which offered a truly global perspective. It also allowed me to see a beautiful part of the world, which is something I hope to never forget. I also was blessed to hold a leadership position in SABL, which provided me the experience of planning events and working with people of all ages.

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