A dozen College of Education faculty members will speak at two national conferences in February.Assistant Professor Brooke Kandel-Cisco and adjunct instructor Susan Adams will each team with Assistant Professor Katie Brooks for presentations at the annual conference of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) in New Orleans Feb. 16-18.The Association for Teacher Educators (ATE) has invited nine COE faculty members to present at ATE’s annual meeting in Orland, Fla., Feb. 12-16, including professors Sam Guerriero and Arthur Hochman, assistant professors Daniel Abbott, Meredith Beilfuss, Kelli Esteves, Ryan Flessner, Shelly Furuness and Catherine Pangan and Assistant Dean Angela Lupton.NABE At the NABE conference, Brooks and Adams will present “Teacher Shared Leadership for Supporting Bilingual Students.” It covers their work as principle investigator and director, resepctively, of Project Alianza, a yearlong graduate seminar for secondary content area teachers supported by a $1.2 million U.S. Department of Education grant. More than 200 Central Indiana teachers will have completed the seminar aimed at changing educators’ beliefs and professional practices with bilingual students.Kandel-Cisco and Brooks will offer a practitioner presentation “Reading and Responding with Beginning Bilingual Learners.” They will discuss the stages of language acquisition and the importance of native language development in supporting literacy development in both students’ home language(s) and English. As co-chair of NABE’s Research and Evaluation Special Interest Group, Brooks organized a research clinic for the conference, in which well known researchers in the field will meet with new researchers to help them with research design and provide feedback on their research projects. She has presented at four previous NABE conferences, going back to 2004.ATECOE presenters at ATE and their topics areAbbot: “Exploring the Cultural Competence of Indiana’s Special Educators”Esteves: “Supporting Literacy Development with Audiobooks, eBooks, and Web 2.0 Technology” (with Susan English, Aquinas College, and Jackie Sweeney, Michigan State University); “Collaborative Teaming in RTI Schools” (with Elizabeth Whitten, Western Michigan University)Flessner: “The Importance of ‘Believability:’ Addressing Evangelism in Teacher Education;” “Deepening Collaborations Through Critical Friendships” (with Julie Horwitz, Rhode Island College); and “Commission on Agency on Teacher Education” (with Grant Miller, Southern Illinois University, and Kami Patrizio, Towson UniversityFuruness: “Becoming Teachers of Hope: A Critical Ethnography of Occupational Socialization in an Age of Teacher Deskilling”Furuness and Beilfuss: “Novice Teacher Socialization: Putting Your Educational Philosophy to the Test” Guerriero: “School Choice: America’s Past or Future or Both?”Hochman, Pangan and Lupton: “Jumping Out of Bed with Your Passion On (Asset-Based Thinking in the Use of University Faculty/Staff, Preservice Candidates, Adjunct Supervisors and School Personnel).”

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