Senior International Studies major Matt Cory has taken advantage of Internship and Career Services (ICS) since his freshman year at Butler. In the spring of 2008 he attended a seminar where employers discussed the importance of work experiences when searching for a job.

While he wasn’t searching for a career at that point, Cory said he “felt that it was this first meeting that demonstrated to me the abilities of ICS to engage students at different points in their higher education in thinking about important steps in their development as adults.”

Fast forward four years and Matt is ready to begin his career search. While many students scramble to find opportunities, Matt knew exactly where to turn. He has attended many of the Internship and Career Prep Program sessions on campus including topics such as interview skills, how to negotiate salary and benefits, employer etiquette, and many more.

Matt says he has learned a great deal from ICS. “I’ve learned how to utilize resources in order to find internships and jobs, proper etiquette with employers both formally and informally, interview skills, negotiating salary and benefit skills, and just generally having a defined and organized foundation for handling tough decisions in exploring career paths.”

ICS Program Coordinator Mona Guirguis has met Matt on many occasions through the Internship and Career Prep Program sessions. “His enthusiasm is contagious,” said Mona. “He was so appreciative of our services and for giving him a solid ground on which to begin his internship and job search.”

Matt highly recommends that students begin utilizing ICS as early as their freshman year. He says, “My experience with ICS has profoundly changed my perspective and direction in regard to the proper steps necessary to setting myself up for success. Without ICS, I would’ve been lost in my career search.”

Because of his continued attendance at the Internship and Career Prep Programs he was entered into a contest for a $400 professional wardrobe shopping spree, and won! He plans to shop till he drops and says, “Being recognized by ICS and receiving this shopping is a testament to ICS’s generosity and recognition of those students who truly desire learning and developing in their future endeavors.”

Matt is still pursuing his many future career options. Armed with his brand new clothes and his preparation from ICS, Matt is sure to find success!

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