Chanda JordanHometown: Cassopolis, Mich.

Class year and major: I’m a second year physician assistant student

Why did you choose Butler: I chose Butler because I felt at home when I first interviewed. On interview day they have a panel of students that speak to you about their experiences. One of the students had really great things to say about the PA program. Additionally, the professors were not only nice, but very personable. I felt that they really cared for who I was as a PA student and as a person.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: One thing that I will never forget about Butler is the care that the professors have for you. This semester I faced illness and had to miss some classes. Professor Frosch was always concerned about my welfare. I only had him for classes last semester, but it was like I had known him for years. He always asked how I was doing and let me know that if I had any questions that I could always go to him for help. I will always appreciate his kindness and will never forget it.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: I love going to Butler basketball games! I have been a die-hard fan since starting school here. I am the president of the physician assistant club (PAC). I am involved with this organization because I love being a leader. PAC has provided me many opportunities such as volunteering, fundraising at Butler basketball games, and interacting with students at social events.

I also work at a local hospital doing cardiovascular ultrasound. I like working there because it gives me a chance to interact with other people in the healthcare community and gives me a good excuse to take a break from studying.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: The most important thing that I have learned at Butler is to never forget who you are. Sometimes you get caught up in classes or work and forget that you are a person. Every now and then you have to just drop it all and enjoy life and then hit the books again.

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