Liz TatHometown: Warsaw, Ind.

Class year and major: 2013, Accounting and Finance

Why did you choose Butler? I chose Butler for many different reasons. I was instantly attracted to its small class sizes. I wanted my professors to know me by name, not by number, and I wanted to know that my personal development and academic progress was cared about by my teachers.

The fact that Butler’s College of Business (COB) has been on the rise, and continues to make big strides, was another factor that drew me to Butler. I knew the COB would give me the experience I needed to progress to the next level after college.

Finally, Butler is also only three hours from my home, which is very convenient. The University is far away enough that I can “be on my own,” but not too far that I cannot get home if need be. Not to mention Butler has a beautiful campus and is only a short distance from downtown Indy, which is a fun city with many opportunities.

Most memorable academic experience at Butler: My sophomore year I was involved in the Real Business Experience course, where I was given the opportunity to work with a small group of other students in creating a business. My group developed “BU Bandz,” a Butler silly band themed business, which left us with over $2,000 in profit by the end of the academic year. Through the business, we got to experience firsthand what it is like to make financial templates, market using social media, develop internal controls, and make “quarterly” presentations. The class left me with a rewarding feeling, as I would see Butler students, faculty, fans and alumni wearing our product.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: There is so much to be involved in at Butleroutside of academia, that it can be hard to pick and choose what you want to do. I chose to be involved in the accounting club, as it gives members the opportunity to network with the top accounting firms in the country, along with other well known mid-sized accounting firms. I also decided to join the pre-law society, as I am interested in going to law school after my four years at Butler. Pre-law society has allowed me to be able to see trials first-hand, hear from well-respected attorneys and practice for the LSAT.

Aside from academic related extra curriculars, I play many intramural sports, such as basketball, flag football and volleyball.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: The most important lesson I’ve learned at Butler is that experience counts.Someone may work extremely hard to get a good GPA, but it’s how you apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom to real life situations that counts. Butler provides its students with endless opportunity to help make the post-college transition much easier.

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