Sheryl Ann StephenTitle, department and job responsibilities: I’m an assistant professor of finance in the economics, law and finance departments of the College of Business. I am responsible for teaching Corporate Finance (FN340) and Financial Markets and Institutions (FN371) at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, I teach Financial Management (MBA530) and Financial Markets and Institutions (MBA561).

Years at Butler: I started teaching at Butler in August 2008.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: I have had many memorable experiences in my short time at Butler. However, the most memorable thus far was listening to three of my MBA530 students present an Net Present Value (NPV) analysis of whether it was a good investment for Butler to retain men’s basketball Coach Brad Stevens. The presentation was an excellent one and their analysis showed that it was a good investment.

Projects/research you’re currently involved with: My ongoing research focuses on the impact of new legislation on the U.S. financial markets. I am also looking at the impact of the financial crisis on developing countries, specifically the countries in the Caribbean region. Further, I am supervising an independent study by an MBA student. He is investigating the U.S. Treasury securities market with a view to constructing a demand curve.

What current intellectual or creative question are you thinking about these days: How longis it going to bebefore we have another financial crisis? Financial crises have been part of the history of the financial markets and I often think about what will precipitate the next one.

What do you enjoy most about teaching: The interaction with my students. I chose this profession because I genuinely enjoy the student-faculty partnership. Every semester brings new students and new experiences, and I wouldn’t trade this career for the world.

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