Tyler HensleyHometown: Versailles, Ind.

Class year and major: 2013, Pharmacy

Why did you choose Butler: I wouldn’t say that I was born into pharmacy, but that’s exactly how it feels. My uncle is a Butler pharmacy alumnus from way back in the day, and I can vividly remember many occasions where my parents would bring me with them to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and my uncle would let me come back behind the counter with him. Of course, with today’s emphasis on patient privacy and security, that could never happen, but my early experiences in pharmacy set my professional course, and when it came time to find a suitable pharmacy school, well, Butler was hands-down the best option. It was close to home, I had family ties there, it was continually ranked among the top schools in the nation, and my scholarships made it equally as affordable as any of my other top choices. I am to this day very confident in my decision; I love it here.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: The Butler Pharmacy program is so different from other majors; I feel like I’ve had a very unique learning experience. I’ve worked in small groups, big lectures, and one-on-one with professors in almost all of my classes. The most memorable experience was my very first therapeutics case conference. We learned about a topic all week in therapeutics lecture, and then broke down into smaller groups under the direction of pharmacy residents and professors to evaluate and work-up a fictional patient case, just about how it would be done in a hospital. It was a very intense experience, but very rewarding to finish my report and truly feel one step closer to being ready to practice in real-life situations.

Activities you’re involved with outside the classroom: The smaller Butler pharmacy community has given me the opportunity to become very involved in extracurricular activities. I never really thought I had any sort of leadership potential whatsoever within me, but since coming to Butler I’ve found myself filling the roles of a student government representative, a student consultant to college faculty committees, an officer of the Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity, and president of the Butler Student Association of Pharmacy, among others. At times it has been a struggle to juggle work, study, and organizational involvement, but developing a bit of time management skills is a growing experience for anyone.

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: Never settle for anything. Not “anything but the best,” but for anything. Always climb higher, always reach farther, and constantly chase the unattainability of perfection. It’s surprising just how far you’ll go.

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