The Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies is the first actively published scholarly journal to be added to Butler Libraries’ Digital Commons, an online institutional repository of selected faculty and student scholarship and other intellectual assets of Butler University.

The online journal, which includes 24 issues and 477 articles, is published annually by the Society of Hindu-Christian Studies, an academic society dedicated to the study of Hinduism and Christianity and their interrelationships. The hard copy of the journal is produced at the University of Notre Dame.

“Online journals are a big trend in scholarship and in librarianship in general,” said Brad Matthies, project manager for Digital Commons. “This journal helps us expose the global scholarly community to Butler.”

Butler Associate Professor of Religion Chad Bauman serves as the journal’s online editor. He was chosen for this role because of his current position as secretary of the Society and his internal lobbying with the Society’s board and executive committee to make the project happen.

“I did the research on the pros and cons of creating an online version of the journal to complement its print version, and since it was Butler that provided the Digital Commons opportunity, I became the obvious choice to be online editor,” he said.

While his role may evolve with time, he currently is responsible for preparing, posting and curating the online content, with help from Butler library staff, specifically Marcy Wilhelm-South and Matthies. Bauman also will be involved in any editorial decisions regarding content unique to the online format.

Both Matthies and Bauman agree that the journal is significant to Butler because it brings more attention to the University.

“Every article that gets downloaded is branded with the Butler logo, and that’s great advertising,” said Bauman.

Matthies said that since the journal went live in November, it has had more than 300 downloads.

Media contact: Courtney Tuell

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