November 8, 2011

This Timely Warning is being issued by Assistant Chief of Police Andrew Ryan

<the Butler University Department of Public Safety has received 7 reports of car break ins since November 7, 2011. In each case the vehicle was parked on campus property and valuables were taken. Items targeted were GPS devices, electronics, computers and book bags. In one case a suspect has been videotaped making a purchase at a store located in Avon using a stolen credit card. It is believed the suspect may be driving a blue or purple late model sedan.

<if anyone has any information concerning the car break ins, please contact Detective Bruce Allee at (317) 940-9396. In the interest of campus safety, University Police would like to remind everyone of the importance of protecting your personal valuables:

Don’t <leave valuables in your car even for a short time.

Park in well lighted areas when possible.

Don’t leave GPS holders, IPOD chords or other electronic chords visible in your vehicle as the perpetrator may break into the car to look for the electronic devices.

Record and keep record of serial numbers and make and model of all electronic devices to assist in recovery if stolen.

Report an suspicious activity to the university police immediately by calling 940-9999 from your cell phone or 9999 from a campus phone.

Timely Warnings Timely are <intended to make the campus community aware of a specific incident or information reported to have occurred to the University Police. Timely Warnings may be sent by various methods, including email, web postings, or text messages only when an incident does not constitute use of the Emergency Notification System (DawgAlert). As a reminder, you can sign-up and update your contact information in DawgAlert by visiting this link Timely

<this timely warning is meant to fulfill the requirement of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The Clery Act is a federal law that requires universities to disclose certain information about campus crime and security policies.

<if you have questions, concerns or would like additional Crime Watch tips, please contact University Police at 317-940-9396.

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