Heather EggersClass year and major: 2008, Management Information Systems

Major project/achievement of the past year: I am currently a senior associate in the Risk Assurance Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). I focus on IT risk and security within our Risk Assurance Group and am responsible for overseeing multiple projects that help our clients’ minimize regulatory and compliance risk as it relates to information technology. Some examples of the projects that I am responsible for include information security risk assessments, HIPPA Security/HITECH risk assessments, vendor risk management, due diligence assessments, and IT governance and compliance with certain frameworks (i.e. HITRUST, COSO, ITIL, etc.).

Major project/achievement of the past year: One of the key projects I worked on over the past year was for a Fortune 100 health insurance company that was looking for a way to manage its suppliers’ privacy and security related risk exposures. The client struggled with managing thousands of suppliers, determining criteria for risk-ranking vendors, and developing a sustainable approach for vendors with high exposure risks. We were able to help our client develop a standard and repeatable process for assessing regulatory and compliance risk posed by its vendors. From this, we were able to determine which vendors posed the most regulatory and compliance risk to the company and performed on-site assessments for these vendors. Because of the project, our client has realized cost savings in its overall vendor management program and now has a consistent process for monitoring its vendors.

Why did you choose MIS/IT as your career: I came into Butler as an Exploratory Business major and thought I would eventually go into either marketing or accounting. I knew I wanted to do something in business, but I didn’t know what all of my options were. I had always been interested in technology growing up and always had to have the latest and greatest gadgets out on the market so when I started researching the Management Information Systems (MIS) major, it seemed like a good fit. I really liked the idea of a career in information systems because it touches all areas of a business and allows you to gain exposure to all areas of the business. During my junior year at Butler, I learned about the field of IT auditing and consulting through my internship at PwC and really enjoyed the broad variety of opportunities I was given.

How did Butler prepare you for your career: In the field of consulting, the most important skills to have are soft skills: the ability to communicate with confidence; the ability to work well in a collaborative team environment;and the ability seek out and incorporate feedback and coaching. Butler’s “Real Life, Real Business” methodology really prepares students with the soft skills needed to succeed in a corporate environment. It encourages an environment of teaming, collaboration, and effective communication.

Most memorable experience(s) at Butler: My most memorable experience at Butler would have to be cheerleading at the Sweet Sixteen game against Florida in 2007. It was the first time Butler had made the NCAA tournament since 2003 and it was incredible to see how our Butler community pulled together to support our basketball team.

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