At the end of February, Internship and Career Services (ICS) sponsored a unique workshop geared toward students of underrepresented populations. Diversity Connections provided 16 students with the opportunity to interact with Indianapolis employers by networking, practicing interview skills, and engaging in resume critique sessions. ICS staff members believe that networking with community leaders can be one of the best ways to secure future internship opportunities upon graduation.

Kazmyn Perry, a senior Psychology and Spanish double major, admitted to never attending the event in the past because she didn’t see the value in networking due to her heavy involvement in extracurricular activities on campus. However, after participating in the small sessions planned for the event, she quickly had a change of heart. She claimed “this event has helped me connect with two exceptionally wonderful people and has given me the opportunity to converse with professionals who share my interests.” Through her newly established connection with an Indiana Humanities representative, Kazmyn plans to remain in Indianapolis throughout the summer in order to intern with the organization.

Employers often attend this event not to give details about internship and job opportunities, but rather because they truly value helping students realize their career potential and want to help them build their professional networks.

Throughout the event, students and employers engaged in small group discussion and activities that allowed students to expand on their academic and work experiences, as well as gain insider information from employers regarding the skills needed to be successful in the job search process. Kyle Inskeep, a senior Electronic Journalism major, explained that he found the event to be highly beneficial. “I’ve attended Diversity Connections in the past, and I found this format to be really engaging in comparison to last year’s.” Inskeep, as well as junior accounting major Todd Deloney, mentioned that the event taught them more than they expected. A common misconception among students is that the majority think the job search process is about having an outstanding resume, however that’s simply not the case. Deloney mentioned that, “with the way our economy is, it’s not about what you know but rather about who you know.”

One of the goals of ICS is to provide all students and alumni, including those of diverse backgrounds, with the tools needed to succeed in the internship and job search process. Sponsoring events such as Diversity Connections is certainly one of many ways ICS is accomplishing that goal. For more about ICS, visit

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