A video of Butler physical education (PE) majors teaching Fox Hill Elementary students an Australian dance and fun activities from other global cultures is featured on the school’s video gallery.

“PE Partnerships” shows PE 331 students leading international games and dance at Fox Hill during spring 2012 semester teacher practicum sessions. Lauren McKillop, Matt Nicholson, Kyle Lees and Chase Stigall appear in the video, along with Rachel Waranowicz, a student teacher in Phase I.

On the video, Fox Hill practitioner Walt Morris and practicum supervisor Amy Bultinck, a 1998 Butler graduate, discuss the mutual benefits practicum teaching provides both their school and the future teachers.

Assistant Professor Mindy Welch, who teaches PE 331, called the video “a fabulous testimonial for Butler, the College of Education and the PE/Health program.”

Fox Hill is part of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township, Indianapolis.

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