Following a successful first year in Butler’s Early College Program (ECP), seven Shortridge Magnet High School seniors will return to campus for their third semester of University classes in fall 2012. Up to 12 seniors might enroll by the start of classes, with an additional 11 Shortridge juniors joining the program this year.

Early College 1 InsideECP students earn college credits and learn side-by-side with Butler students in courses offered on the Butler campus. They also receive specialized instruction and advising through Butler’s Learning Resource Center and access to the campus library, computer labs, peer mentoring and other enrichment programs. All ECP students will be on campus Academic Day of Welcome Week (Aug. 18-25), joining other new students in the Academic Convocation, discussions of the common reading, and the campus picnic.

This fall, various ECP juniors will be found in history, journalism and two core courses. Thus far, ECP seniors have enrolled in a core course focused on the Bible, and courses in music history, business ethics, beginning Chinese and pre-calculus.

Including the latest offerings, Butler has been able to open 17 different courses to ECP students. “The courses originate out of all six of our colleges and across many disciplines,” said Associate Provost for Student Academic Affairs Mary Macmanus Ramsbottom, who serves as administrative liaison and director for the ECP.

“Faculty engagement and enthusiasm for this initiative is essential to its success,” she said. “We are grateful to the faculty who came forward in our inaugural year and to the many others who have expressed their support and eagerness to participate.

“A rich variety of course options serves the best interests of the Shortridge students, who are exploring areas for future study in college, and also allows a wider range of Butler students to benefit from having these students as part of their own classroom experience.”

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