Since Shortridge Magnet opened in 2009, more than 240 Butler students have taken classes and completed practicum experiences there, working with Shortridge students and faculty to gain practical understanding of secondary teaching, physical education, creative writing and school counseling.

Dana Smoler ’12 wrote this description of her “Physical Education Middle/Secondary Practicum” for theCollege of Education’s Year in Review 2012.

In fall, graduating PE seniors had the privilege to go into Shortridge Magnet High School for our Physical Education Middle/Secondary Practicum and teach two different units: physical education and health. The professors divided the Butler class and the Shortridge classes into small groups so that we didn’t feel overwhelmed teaching entire classes. We had to create our unit plans (one for physical education and the other for health), and then write six lesson plans for each unit.

[Butler PE faculty] Dr. Mindy Welch or Dr. Lisa Farley approved our lesson plans the day before we taught. Inside the lesson plans were objectives that related to standards, how we would set up the class, why we were doing each activity in the lesson, and how the students would learn the material.

All lessons were videotaped so that we could do reflections and see ourselves teaching. It is amazing the things that we didn’t see when we taught. Writing reflections was time consuming, yet the most effective part of the class, aside from the hands-on interaction. We needed to reflect in order to make improvements and better our lessons.

Shortridge’s physical education faculty provided us the opportunity to succeed and occasionally fall short. They helped us find resources and gave me great feedback on how to better my skills.

We were able to see that not everything we plan for occurs. I am glad I was able to work with and get to know the students as well as I did.

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