Allysa RoyseHometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Class year and major: 2015, Finance and Risk Management & Insurance double major

Why did you choose Butler: I first heard of Butler through my high school’s guidance department. I received a pamphlet which highlighted the University and each of the colleges. The College of Business sparked my interest because its curriculum covered many aspects of business. I wanted to go into a program where I could learn about each area of business while also being able to narrow my focus. I scheduled a visit and immediately fell in love with the campus. I loved that it was a small campus located in a big city. The class sizes, academic buildings and friendly students also appealed to me. After talking to my tour guide about her experiences at Butler, I was sold. I knew Butler was where I was supposed to be.

Most memorable academic experience(s) at Butler: I took a lot of core classes my freshman year. At one point I was taking Freshman Year Seminar (FYS), Social World and Natural World. I was surprised by how much each course overlapped with one another, even though they were based on different topics. In FYS, we were discussing Afghanistan and how war-torn the country has been over the course of history and how that affects the youth there. A few weeks later in my Social World class we discussed the current war in Afghanistan and I was able to take what I learned in FYS and apply it to the discussions we were having. I was able to make connections between these classes and that led me to see how many aspects of the world overlap in the same way.

Activities you’re involved with outside of the classroom: Dawg Pound, Schwitzer Hall Government, Phi Eta Sigma Academic Fraternity

The most important thing you’ve learned at Butler: Take advantage of every opportunity you have to try new things. Whether it’s a lecture, an activity that is outside your comfort zone, or a new club; just do it! You will be so glad you took the initiative to get involved on campus and you will meet many people along the way.

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