Ann GovertClass year and major: 2011, Marketing and Electronic Journalism

Current position and responsibilities: I am an Orr Fellow and an event consultant at BidPal, Inc. BidPal is a technology company that improves charitable fundraising events from start to finish with event management solutions, automated auctions, payment processing, online fundraising, and consulting services. As an Event Consultant, I work with organizations through the BidPal process from start to finish, informing clients how to use the software, and providing consultation on how organizations can improve their fundraising events to maximize profits. I am also an onsite BidPal event manager, certified to run events in the field. Through this position I am able to travel to BidPal’s new markets all over the country and manage events.

Major project/achievement of the past year: In my first year as a consultant, I’ve managed over 100 events across the country. One of the largest events that I worked on was in Las Vegas for Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday. There were over 1,000 guests in attendance, and the organization rose over a half million dollars for charity in the silent auction and donation appeal at the event — the portions of the event I managed. It was a great accomplishment to be part of such a big production.

Why did you choose to study marketing: I originally came to Butler as an electronic journalism major. I wanted to do more, and business had always interested me, so I started working towards a business minor. After only a couple of months, I found that I loved Butler’s business classes. I decided to work towards a double major, and really enjoyed my marketing classes. I not only learned the fundamentals of marketing and found my interests in working with a team, but also learned how to market myself as a business professional, which has greatly contributed to my success post college.

How did Butler prepare you for your career: Butler prepared me for my career in so many ways. Butler not only taught me my academic skills, but life skills as well. The professors at Butler are irreplaceable; they care about their student’s academic grades as well as how their students will succeed in the “real world.” One of the best ways that the business school prepared me for my career was the two internships that I performed during my undergraduate career. The internships taught me so many work-place skills that you can’t always learn in the classroom. It takes experience and knowledge to be qualified for a successful career, and Butler definitely gave me an abundance of both.

Most memorable experience(s) at Butler: I have many life lasting memories and relationships that were made at Butler; I couldn’t imagine experiencing college any other way. But, my most memorable experiences have to be watching the Butler Bulldogs go to the NCAA Championship TWICE! I was able to attend the 2010 championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium — a memory that I will never forget.

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