Mascot Trip Prepares for the BIG EAST Conference
Student-produced video debuts at Butler BIG EAST Day, July 1

With Butler University moving into the BIG EAST athletic conference and Trip (Blue III) replacing Blue II as the University’s mascot, Butler student Tim Valentine wanted to make a video recognizing both accomplishments.

What he came up with is a funny two-minute clip in which Trip obeys Athletic Director Barry Collier’s command to get “bigger, faster, and stronger” so he’ll be ready for the BIG EAST.

Trip Prepares for the BIG EASTWe see Trip speed from Hinkle Fieldhouse to the Butler Bowl, tennis bubble, baseball field, and all over campus. Along the way, the bulldog gets words of encouragement from men’s basketball coach Brad Stevens, guards basketball player Alex Barlow, and generally has a ball—figuratively and literally—before his Rocky Balboa moment where he triumphantly races up the steps of the carillon tower.

“I wanted to show the school as one unit, working together,” said Valentine, who spent the better part of the second semester shooting and editing the video.

Valentine, who’s majoring in digital media production and minoring in marketing, was a freshman at the time. The graduate of Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be a sophomore in the fall.

He started making videos in high school, convincing his principal and teachers to dress up and participate. After a semester at Butler, he pitched the idea of a video to Michael Kaltenmark, director of web marketing and handler of the University’s live mascot. Kaltenmark supported the proposal and worked with Valentine to get Trip to cooperate.

Before long, Trip was an eager participant.

“It got to the point where Trip would sit at the door and wait for me,” said Valentine, who’s interning this summer for a Cincinnati-based company called Bright Light Visual Communications. “He knew that if I came in, he was going out.”

The video became part of Butler BIG EAST Day, a July 1 celebration signifying the University’s official entry into the new conference. Watch the BIG EAST Day press conference.

“It’s a great showcase of student talent and school spirit,” Kaltenmark said. “It was cool that the student came to me with the idea, and then he edited and did all the work.”

Valentine said he’s happy with the final cut. Producing the video also provided him with a needed distraction: During the semester, his French bulldog, Juliet, died.

“It helped me hanging around with Trip,” he said. “Latching onto Trip and becoming very close buddies allowed me to stay focused on my school work and take my mind off of that sadness.”

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