Ms. Susan Anthony, Attorney at the Global Intellectual Property Academy of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, will be on campus to discuss current federal copyright policy and how it affects higher education and scholarship.  There will be two separate presentations. 

©opyright in the Digital Age: What Faculty Need to Know
Friday, February 28th
Noon-1:30 pm
AU 302

This session will include an overview of copyright basics as well as a discussion of online courses. 
All campus members are welcome to attend.
Please RSVP to Theresa Bailey at to attend this session.


Copyrights and Archival Materials
Friday, February 28th
AU 302

This session will focus on issues of interest to librarians and scholars working with archival materials. Topics discussed will include:

  • fair use
  • Section 108 exemptions for libraries
  • considerations for digitization for preservation and access
  • best practices for dealing with orphan works
  • the impact of recent landmark litigation

Please RSVP to Franny Gaede at to attend this session.


These sessions are sponsored by the Butler Institute for Research and Scholarship (BIRS) and the Butler University Libraries.  For more information about BIRS, please visit its website at  For more information about the University Libraries, please visit